About Us

Tech Support Totally Free provides free tech support for all brands.  We understand how frustrating it is to face technical issues and look online for support services. Tech Support Totally Free started with free computer help and later on expanded into all possible brands that exist . We do not charge anything for the support , its a community based support and we intend to help consumers who are facing technical issues. This service is for US and Canada only and we are looking forward to expand our community with new volunteers.

How can I get free tech support ?

Tech Support Totally Free is the right place for you to get free tech support through our community members .We do not charge any money for the support services that we provide at any point of time . We have a very good record of 99% resolution rate and we almost provide resolution for all kinds of tech support related issues .

How can i get free computer help ?

Free computer help was a much needed service from computer users as computer companies charges huge sum of money to provide tech support on their own hardware. We at Tech Support Totally Free runs a community of members who aims to provide 100% free computer help . We have expert community members who provide their service to help the consumers to resolve their tech support issues. We always provide free computer help and always try to provide resolution in the first call.

We strive to provide the best possible support we can and rely on the community members to create an environment where everyone can access free tech support. We started as an initiate with 4 community members and we now have thousands of volunteers to expand our mission to create a system where we can provide free tech support to all consumers. We love our community members who provide those extra hours to bring smile on consumers face to see their computer up and running again . We hope to get more and more volunteers so that we can go ahead and expand our free support. If you would like to be a member of your support community , you can email us at [email protected] .We would love to get new additional members which helps to provide more and more variety of services for our customers. We now have the largest community of free tech support members and with that we are fixing about 10,000 issues a day from all across US and Canada . So, just give is a call if you have any technical problems or you want to join our community.