How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet

How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet

We are well aware that you’ve carefully followed all the instructions in your network router’s setup guide, but for whatever reason you are not connecting with internet as they supposed to be. Although, everything functioned before and just started failing suddenly. Keep in your mind there may be more than one issue involved. However you don’t need to be worried about this, we are here to help you to get rid of this problem (How to Fix Netgear Router not connecting With Internet) What you are supposed to do is just follow the below mentioned troubleshooting steps and execute them carefully. If you can access your router but not the Internet, first make sure that your Netgear router is obtaining an IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP) or not. If it’s not obtaining then contact to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) If you would like to know more about Netgear, click on this link .

How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet
How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet



  • Unable to access websites
  • Internet LED symbol of the NETGEAR router is amber.
  • No internet access on all devices.


  1. Properly check the connection of your devices. Make sure that each connection is securely and tightly plugged in.


  1. Try to refresh your cable connection by power cycling your network. To know How to properly powercycle Home network, click on this link .



  1. If power cycling doesn’t work for you then you are required to download the latest firmware of your router. To download the latest firmware of your Netgear router, click on this link . After downloading the latest firmware, you are required to upgrade the firmware manually.



  • First of all save the downloaded firmware to your desktop, and unzip the file if needed.
    Note: The correct firmware file uses an .img or .chk extension.
  • Now by using a computer that is connected to your router via an Ethernet cable (wired), launch a web browser (For e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari).


  • Now enter in the address bar of a web browser.
  • You are required to enter your router user name and password.
    Note: The user name is admin and the default password is password. The user name and password are case-sensitive (For e.g. A, B,C are different from a, b, c).
  • Afterwards Select ADVANCED > Administration.
  • Click on the Firmware Update or Router Update button.
    The button label varies by router.
  • Click on Choose File or Browse.
  • Locate and highlight the saved firmware on your desktop and click Open > Upload.


How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet
How To Fix Netgear Router Not Connecting With Internet
  1. If the above steps doesn’t resolve your issue, you may need to reset your Netgear router. To reset Netgear router follow the steps mentioned below.


  • On the back of your Netgear router, locate the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button.
  • By using a paper clip or similar object, press and hold the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button for at least 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds release the Restore Factory Settings or Reset button and wait for your router to reboot.
    After your router is finished with the factory reset, the Power light stops blinking and lights turn solid green.
    The factory default settings are restored.

We hope you find the information above helpful. We have tried our best to resolve your issue (How to Fix Netgear Router not connecting With Internet.In case you find any difficulty in getting any step mentioned above then please do let us know. We will be glad to help you out. Our experts are always there for you not matter how small or complex your problem is.