How to setup Medialink router

How to setup Medialink router

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The Medialink router is regarded as wireless router because it offers the Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi or simply wireless allows us to connect various devices such as wireless printers, smart televisions, and Wi-Fi enabled smartphones. To know more about Medialink in detail click on this link . If you are stuck on How to setup Medialink router then this article will help you to go past that problem. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps to know How to setup Medialink router.


Before we get started there is a little bit of important information that you should be familiar with and this information will definitely help you to cope up with any router’s related problems.

Wireless Name

Your wireless network should have a unique name from the other wireless network. This is all because the name should be identifiable in the bunch of other networks.

Wireless Password

An important part of securing a wireless network is choosing a strong password. The main reason behind this is that, your password should not be predictable because someone could misuse your Wi-Fi for some illegal purpose.

Wireless Channel

Picking a Wi-Fi channel is not an easy task. First read about the Wi-Fi channels before making any choice.


You should definitely go for WPA2 for your network encryption. If you are unsure please ask the expert before making any final decision related to encryption.

Login to Medialink router.

You need to login to get started configuring the Medialink router Wi-Fi setting. If you are already login you can skip this step.

  • To know how to login to Medialink router follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. The Medialink router has a web interface for configuration. You can use any web browser for login to the Medialink router. For example Internet Explorer.
  1. Put the Internal IP Address of your Medialink router in the Address Bar of the web browser and then press the Enter key on your keyboard. Afterwards you will see a dialog box pop up asking you for the Medialink router’s username and password. You need to know the username and password to login to your MediaLink router. The default username and password for Medialink router is admin and admin.
  1. If Medialink router’s home screen pops up then congratulations you are now logged in to the router and are ready to follow other steps.

Now click on the option of WLAN Settings on the left side of the page and then under that choose the Basic Settings option.

Change the Wi-Fi settings of the Medialink router.

Firstly check the Enable Wireless box and secondly you need to change the SSID. This is the identification name for your network. Although it really doesn’t matter what you enter here we recommend avoiding personal information.

The next thing that needs to be changed is called the Channel. For the least amount of interference you need to use channels 1, 6 or 11 and that’s it for this page now click on  the Apply button. Afterwards go back to the left side of the page and click Security Settings.

Use the Security Mode drop down list to choose the option of WPA2-Personal.

Now look for the WPA Algorithms and for the maximum encryption choose AES and under that you need to enter a Pass Phrase. This is the password you use to allow access to your network. This password should be as strong as you can save it from hackers. Create a password of at least 14-20 characters using letters, numbers, and symbols and don’t forget to click the blue Apply button to save your changes.

We hope you find the information above helpful.