How to fix HP printer is offline

How to fix HP printer is offline

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try but it seems like everything is going against you. You might be facing problem of how to fix ‘HP (Hewlett Packard) Printer’. Probably it could be mundane task for you to fix your HP machine. However, we have the simple roadmap that will help you to fix your HP machine. You can also get to know so much in details about the HP (Hewlett-Packard) by clicking on this link ( So the question now in front of us is that How to fix HP printer is offline?

For now let’s find out the solution for the windows computers first.

HP Printers – Printer is Offline (Windows)

This is for all HP (Hewlett Packard) printers and computers with Windows.

If the status message of offline or printer offline displays on the computer, and the printer does not respond to your command. Follow the steps given below and this will help to sort your problem.

Step 1: Use your HP Print and Scan Doctor.

If you have Windows 10 or 8, download a special version of HP Printer and Scan Doctor that is made specifically for helping with printer offline problems. You don’t need to follow the next step if your computer does not have Windows 8 or 10.

  • First simply download the HP printer and scan doctor by clicking on this link.
  • Run HPPSdr.exe from the download location on your system.
  • Once HP Print and Scan Doctor is open, click Start, and after that you just need to choose your printer.
  • If your printer is not registered, turn it on and retry.
  • In case if there is a connection problem follow the instructions in the tool.
  • Click Fix Printing.
  • Click on to the Test Print and wait for the test to fail.
  • Click No Print, and restart your printer when prompted.
  • If the printer continues to go offline, move on to the next step.

Step 2:  Reset the print environment.

Resetting the printer can help to restore a connection to the computer.

  • Turn the printer off and wait around 10 seconds, and then disconnect the printer power cord from the printer.
  • Turn off your computer or device that you are trying to print from.
  • Connect the printer power cord to the printer, and after that turn on the printer if it does not automatically power on.
  • If your printer uses a wireless connection, restart the router:
  • Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router. Internet service will be interrupted while the router is not in service.
  • Wait for 10 seconds, and then reconnect the power cord to the router.
  • Then Wait for the router’s network activity light to light.
  • Press the wireless button or wireless control panel icon on your printer to turn the wireless connection off, and then on.
  • Wait for the printer to reconnect to your router.
  • Now turn on your computer.
  • Try to print.
  • If you are able to print, then you are done.
  • If your printer still cannot print and remains offline, continue to the next step.

Step 3: Set the default printer


The default print driver might have changed from the driver you installed to another driver, such as a Web Services for Devices (WSD) driver with a similar name. Now Change the default print driver to your originally installed driver and confirm the printer is not set for offline use.

  • Search Windows for devices, and then click Devices and Printers from the list of results in Settings.
  • Right-click to the name of the HP printer that is active (not greyed out), and then select Set as Default Printer.
  • Try to Print.
  • If you can print then you are done.
  • If you still can’t print, continue.

Others Things to try out

If the printer remains offline after previous troubleshooting steps did not resolve your issue, try out these possible solutions depending on the type of connection you are using.

Connect to a Proper wireless network

When you are connecting a wireless printer to a network, make sure it is connected to the same network name as your computer.

Do not connect your printer to guest or host networks, such as networks found in apartments, coffee shops, schools, or hotels. These have additional security features or login requirements that prevent the connections to the printer.

Connect to printer’s wireless direct connections.

If you can’t connect a wireless printer to your network, use the printer’s wireless direct connection to print. For more information on wireless direct printing, see Wi-Fi Direct ( or HP Wireless Direct ( .


Update the Printer firmware

HP regularly releases printer updates that usually address connection issues. Updating the printer firmware might resolve your issue. For more information, see Updating Firmware on the Printer ( .

Reinstall the Printer Software

  • Disconnect the USB cable if it is attached.
  • Search Windows for programs and features, and then click Programs and Features in the list of results.
  • Find HP printer software in the list and uninstall it immediately.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Reinstall the HP printer software. You can install the software from the installation disc that came with your printer or download from ( or Software and Drivers ( .
  • Try out printing again.

Note: If you are using HP full feature software and the problem continues, a compatibility problem might exist. Try to install the basic driver from HP (if available) or using a compatible driver that comes with Windows (in-OS solution).

Above mentioned steps will definitely solve from the basics to complex problems of yours related to HP printer is offline. Now let’s find out the solution for the Mac computers.

HP Printers- Printer is offline (Mac)

This document applies only to all HP printers and computers with MacOS and OS X.

The message ‘offline’ displays as the status for a printer or the message ‘Printer not responding’ displays while you are attempting to print.

Offline indicates that the Mac cannot sends its message to printer. The offline message often displays when the printer is powered off, or a USB cable connection has become disconnected.

To fix issue follow the following steps mentioned below.

Step1: Check the connection between Printer and Mac (Connectivity).

Offline messages usually happen when the Mac cannot communicate with the printer. Select the type of connection you have and then follow the instructions to make sure that connection is working.

 If you have a USB printer connection

  • Disconnect the USB cable, and then reconnect it to the Mac.
  • Press the Power button to turn off the printer, and then wait five seconds.
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the rear of the printer.
  • Press the power button to turn on the computer.

The printer makes some noise as it powers on and might start printing the pages. Wait for the printer to become silent and idle before further functioning.

  • Wait for five seconds and then connect USB cable to the printer. Try to apply enough pressure just to make sure that connection is secure. If the printer start printing let it finish printing first before continuing further.
  • Then try printing again.
  • If the printer prints, you can stop the troubleshooting.
  • If the print job stuck again, move on to the next step.

 If you have a network printer connection.

If your printer displays in the Printer list on your computer, it is connected to your computer. Open the Printer list to make sure that your printer is connected.

  • Restart your printer and wait for it to become idle.
  • If the connection is not restored even after restarting your printer then restart your computer.
  • Restart your system and wait for it to become idle.
  • When the system has finished restarting, click the Apple icon, and then click on System Preferences.
  • Now click Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan to open the Printers list.
  • Then click your HP printer in the Printers list, and then click Open Print Queue.
  • If your printer does not display in the device list, and no options for the printer are visible then there is no network connection. Stop troubleshooting, and then search for the document related to connecting your printer to network.
  • If the printer displays in the device list and the printer options are clearly visible then the printer is connected to the network. Try out the printing again and continue to the next step if the problem persists.

Step2: Restart the computer

Resetting power to the printer forces the printer to reset the stored values in the firmware. A power reset can help in case when the printer is not accepting signals from the Mac.

  • Be very sure that your printer is idle and not making any sounds before continuing.
  • With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the rear of your printer.
  • After that unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Wait for at least 60 seconds.
  • Now plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.
  • Then Reconnect the power cord to the rear of your printer.
  • If the printer does not turn on by itself, press the Power button to turn your printer on.
  • Try to print again and note what happens.

Step 3: Remove the multiple printers from the printer list

Check out the multiple devices in the Printers list, and then remove any other extra entries rather than one in idle status.

  • Search for the Mac for Print, and then click on Print & Fax or Printers & Scanners in the list of the following results.
  • Figure out the printer names that match your printer from the list of devices.
  • If in case you see multiple printer queues for the same printer, remove all extra printers by selecting them one at a time, and then clicking the minus button visible at the bottom of the list. Leave one ‘idle’ printer in the list that matches the printer if available and use this printer as the Default printer.
  • Try to print again.

Step 4: Delete the existing print queue and add the printer.

  • Make sure that your Mac is connected to the Internet.
  • In the Printers list click on to your HP printer and afterwards click the minus button to delete it
  • Now click the add button.
  • Find and select the name of your printer from the printers list and the click Add to your printer but don’t select the HP fax driver.
  • Click on to the Print Using and
  • Select the name of your printer only if applicable or AirPrint.
  • Try out the process of printing again.
  • If the printer works the stop troubleshooting.
  • If the printer remains offline or shows and error then go to the next step.


Step 5: Reset the Printing System.

If all the troubleshooting didn’t resolve the issues, try to reset the printing system.


Resetting the print system deletes all of the devices in the print queue and this includes both HP and non-HP devices.

After watching this video

Right-click (or Ctrl + click) the blank space in the Printers list, and then click reset printing system.

  • Now click Reset in the confirmation window.
  • Afterwards enter the administrator user name and password, and then click OK.
  • Wait until the printing system is reset and no devices show in the Printers list.
  • Add your printer to the list again as you done previously.
  • Try to get the print out again.
  • Now if the printer prints, you can stop troubleshooting.
  • Continue troubleshooting if the errors still occurs.

Step 6: Others things to try.

If from all the previous troubleshooting issue has not been resolved then try these possible solutions given in this link ( .